Sound Masking: The Comprehensive Mini-Guide


Sound masking is a sound that makes speech unintelligible, and a quiet space more comfortable. It is the complex sound that must have broadband; meaning, a) a sound that covers an extensive band on the frequencies that we can hear, and b) it must be a sound that is non-intrusive and non-fatiguing. Some people [...]

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Why You Should Get Sound Masking Today


The advent of sound masking systems has been rapid and successful. These devices serve to help with distracting background noises and sounds. This could give any office environment a great advantage in terms of privacy, employee satisfaction, heightened productivity, and much more. Customer Protection When a person calls a helpline or call [...]

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Is Sound Masking Better Than White Noise?


Sound masking systems are becoming increasingly popular in professional and home environments. They’re the go-to choice for offices, hospitals, and home-based workplaces. So, is sound masking better than white noise? The process of sound masking is brought by the addition of background sound. This leads to smoothing out noisy distractions, making the listening experience [...]

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The Real Benefits of Sound Masking


Sound masking systems and their function are an increasingly hot topic in the digital age. Corporate spaces are being adjusted to accommodate such noise masking systems, and budgets are being made in their favor. This is no surprise since the current construction of offices is mostly based on the open concept feel. This is [...]

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Choosing the Best Sound Masking System


Interested in getting the best sound masking system on the market? You would have to get familiar with several concepts first. The Mark of Quality & Finding the Best Sound Masking System High-quality sound masking systems give the users a uniform experience; this should be evident when people move about the space covered [...]

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Office Speech Privacy Issues: A Growing Trend and How to Stop It


The modern workplace has an office speech privacy problem. So, what is speech privacy? Simply put, an unintended listener cannot understand outside conversations. Workers who are not limited by office speech privacy are overhearing lots of conversations.

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Four People That Need a Sound Masking System


Sound masking is a necessity to limit distractions and increase productivity. Workers are more focused on tasks and feel confident having personal conversations with clients. Clients are also at ease knowing their confidential information isn’t be heard and ending up in the wrong hands. Here are four people that absolutely need a sound masking system.

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Stay Protected with Speech Privacy Solutions


Sound masking is one of the best speech privacy solutions. Sound masking is the introduction of unformulated sound waves, through a targeted area, in order to render formulated human speech unintelligible. This will inherently improve speech privacy and provide confidentiality where necessary – we ensure that it is an unobtrusive sound like a fan you might have in your office.

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