Choosing the Best Sound Masking System

Interested in getting the best sound masking system on the market? You would have to get familiar with several concepts first.

The Mark of Quality & Finding the Best Sound Masking System

High-quality sound masking systems give the users a uniform experience; this should be evident when people move about the space covered by the system itself. If certain points or locations have a difference in sound spectrum and volume, it’s likely to be noticed. It’s best if the noise masking systems remain undetected.

Setting Up Costs

When installing sound masking systems, the kind of installation, commission, tuning services, and servicing calls should be considered. A large manufacturer may supply the noise masking system at a lower price, but it may come at the cost of outsourcing and poor customer service. Check out our ROI calculator in order to help you estimate costs.

Competition Advantages

It is fortunate that there are several kinds and makes of sound masking systems on the market today – this makes it easier to shop around and compare prices along with the performance of different offerings. The heavy competition drives prices down and makes companies alert to the importance of excellent customer services.

Networked vs. Centrally Controlled

In the realm of noise masking systems, the networked kind doesn’t have a long-lasting quality performance. It also requires several connections and electrical outlets all along the area. This leads to an inconvenient setting that’s unfeasible for larger spaces.

On the other hand, there are now low voltage sound masking systems that are centrally controlled with just one electrical connection. The latter is provided at any equipment rack, from which the wiring is conducted along plenum rated cable.

Systems with such centrally controlled power features would enable all kinds of sound masking zones, which are also excellent for paging. They’re also a reliable setup, running for years without the need for repairs or adjustment after a proper setting. Learn more about how sound masking works here.

Checking Out Personnel

It would be best to look for suppliers who hire in-house personnel instead of outsourcing their products or services. They should also be experienced in the field of noise and sound masking systems and their various features. This would enable customers to get the best out of their purchase and have more confidence in getting repairs, replacements, or installation done in the best manner possible.

With all these factors in mind, the best sound masking system available could be easy to locate. The customer reviews and ratings on individual products would be of immense help in making a final decision.


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