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Comprehensive Privacy Solutions

We aren’t a one trick pony company that offers a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We know each business and office space is uniquely designed, some better than others. We know you need a solution that pays close attention to your office specifications and sound masking is the best place to start. An effective acoustic solution often requires a mix of acoustic tools, and we specialize in custom solutions. We love a challenge, and making your work environment the best it can be is just that.

Speech Privacy: How it Works

There are three tools that can be utilized to improve speech privacy; Absorb, Block, and Cover, also known as the ‘ABC’s’. These represent the ways you’re able to improve the acoustics of any environment to achieve the necessary privacy levels.

  • Absorption of sound waves using high NRC rated acoustic wall panels or ceiling tiles.
  • Blocking sound waves using panels, walls, partitions, windows, etc.
  • Covering by adding low-level background noise, known as white noise or sound masking.

The majority of office spaces will require a combination of the three to achieve an acoustically pleasing atmosphere. Covering provides the greatest increase in privacy per dollar invested, but the other 2 components are still needed to achieve speech privacy levels.


Privacy Options:

Let’s start where you’ll get the most bang for your buck, Sound Masking the acoustics in your office environment.

Commercial Sound Masking Systems

Sound masking systems offer the ability to reduce distractions and improve privacy through the use of our music quality speakers.

Passive vs. Active Privacy Leaks

Most privacy breaches are simple and innocent. An employee’s cubicle is near an executive office, and they unintentionally overhear confidential information. Sound masking alone will treat most of these cases. But often there’s nothing innocent about it, and you don’t have to show up on 007’s radar to be a target. Consider:

  • Walls, doors and windows vibrate and can transmit sound
  • HVAC ducts can carry sound far from the intended audience
  • Telephones can be bugged

Office Privacy Systems offers a wide range of inexpensive treatments for doors, windows, HVAC ducts, and other sound-transmitting materials, as well as more advanced anti-espionage products.

Pretty Spaces are Often Acoustic Nightmares

The aesthetic draw of a converted warehouse with its exposed brick walls and open ceiling attracts many businesses. Others have hardwood floors, or polished steel surfaces which also look very nice. Unfortunately, there’s an acoustic trade-off for such aesthetics. The reason such decorative touches make speech privacy such a challenge are fairly straightforward: hard surfaces reflect sound, and whether you’re in a gymnasium or a converted warehouse, there’s little to absorb sound waves.

Acoustic Panels are a great way to maintain your workplace aesthetics while offering significant sound-absorbing benefits and improving your Privacy Index.

How Much Will Privacy Cost Me?

There are a number of ingredients to help you achieve your privacy goals, and each “privacy recipe” should be tailored to your environment and budget. Whether you’re treating a small office or an entire facility, one thing is clear: it’s a small investment for the very real and measurable ROI gains you’ll realize!

In an ideal world where cost was not a factor, everyone would employ all three and crank their Privacy Index score up somewhere near 100%. However, cost does matter, so the trick is to maximize the Privacy Index score while minimizing the cost. Starting with a cutting edge Sound Masking System as a Covering solution will give you the “most bang for the buck.” The benefit per dollar spent makes it the best place to start. Then, if additional privacy is needed, one of the other more costly options can be employed.


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