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Office Privacy Systems is a goal-oriented technology company focused on audio/acoustic comfort for industrial and commercial markets. We are a team committed to working endlessly to create new and innovative sound masking products that are both well designed and intelligently engineered.


At Office Privacy Systems our Core Values are:
  • Communication
  • Pride in our work
  • Community


Office Privacy Systems has strong relationships with our customers and partners.

We continuously improve, refine and redesign our product lines to ensure our clients are provided with highest quality solutions for their needs. Clients may have challenges, but through passion, innovation, and teamwork we exceed their expectations. We stand by our core value of communication, always acting with integrity and treating our clients and customers with the utmost sincerity and regard.


We embrace diversity in all aspects of the company.

Office Privacy Systems takes pride in making sure our employees are knowledgeable about our sound masking products, as they are the driving force behind this company. Large investments are put into our employees personal and professional growth, as each member is a part of our growing team. We foster and encourage initiative, creativity, collaborations, and results. With our open door policy, everyone feels included and comfortable sharing their ideas.


Office Privacy Systems recognizes it has a role within the community.

We adapt to new and better ways to reduce waste, increase our local manufacturing partnerships and increase our sustainable practices for our sound masking products. And of course, we always remember to have some fun!

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