What Is the Difference Between White Noise and Sound Masking?

When we think sound masking we often confuse it with white noise, but there is a big difference. So, what is the difference between white noise and sound masking?

The Difference Between White Noise and Sound Masking

SThe difference between white noise and sound masking.ound masking is the introduction of unformulated sound waves, through a targeted area, to render formulated human speech unintelligible; this will inherently reduce employee distraction and provide confidentiality where necessary – we ensure that it is an inconspicuous sound like a fan you might have in your office.

White noise is amplified sound, which can be irritating when loud, and may sound similar to the static on the radio when a station doesn’t come on properly.

The difference between white noise and sound masking is clear. Sound masking differs by matching the frequencies of human speech and exclusively engineered to mask conversations. Thus, providing better speech privacy and employee productivity.

Can I Just Get a White Noise Machine?

It’s not recommended as a sound machine is only localized. Meaning you can hear where the white noise is coming from and often leads to more distractions. It would be as if a loud fan is on one side of the office, and gradually the sound becomes quieter the further away you are. A sound masking system provides equal noise everywhere, causing no distractions. When a sound masking system is correctly installed and tuned, there will be no gaps in sound as you walk throughout the office and will be heard whether you’re sitting or standing.

How Can Sound Masking Provide an Immersive Experience?

Sound masking needs to be appropriately installed with many details taken into consideration. Lights fixtures, ceiling and wall materials and layout all will determine the right sound masking installation for you. There is more than one sound masking option, contact us today to assess your companies needs.


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