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Intelligent Office Sound Masking System

Our sound masking system provides the most effective and advanced sound masking available in the commercial market today. They are more than just a set of speakers and cables; you’re getting amazing sound privacy. Our commercial sound masking system produces a full spectrum sound through music grade speakers. No other systems are able to match their privacy and sound quality. Also, we realize that not all offices are the same, so we take the time to gather all of the needed information about your office and then custom-tailor a solution for you.

There are two basic technology types available today and we at Office Privacy Systems offer both:

  • Direct-field Sound Masking – speakers are flush mounted in the ceiling tiles; the sound is emitted directly into the treated area.
  • Indirect-field Sound Masking – speakers are placed above the ceiling tiles; speakers and sound are in the plenum area above the ceiling tiles.

Do You Need a Direct-Field or Indirect-Field Sound Masking System?

As we gather information from you, we will be able to determine which of these two options would be the best for your facility.

Key Benefits of Direct-Field Sound Masking:

  • Great uniformity

  • Multiple sound masking generators (4 frequencies)

  • Easier install in Existing Construction

  • Single Component Control Module

  • Pre-set Sound Masking Spectrum which requires little / no tuning

  • Great for areas that have tall plenum (above ceiling) spaces

Direct-Field Sound Masking System

Key Benefits of Indirect-field Sound Masking:

  • Lowest Equipment Cost

  • Centralized Equipment

  • Easier install in New Construction

  • Expandability / Scalability

  • 70V or Networked Options

  • Great for Tall Open Ceilings (above 12’)

Indirect-Field Sound Masking System
Improve Employee Focus

Modern-day offices are busy, noisy and often loud places. Most are designed to allow teamwork, conversations, and an open concept. They are also, often, stressful and distracting to employees trying to concentrate independently. With all the time, energy and money that goes into making sure your employees are trained and fully equipped to carry out proper productivity, with our sound masking system you can help your employees maximize their potential, stay focused and minimize the stress.

Doing Nothing Can Be Costly

Office sound masking is often associated with being a luxury and able to be cut to save on costs. But being that privacy is very important to employees and clients alike, cutting out sound masking is problematic and can cost you money long term. If your office space has a noise and distraction problem, it’s already costing you money, and you may not even know it. Sound masking is one of the most effective ways to stop those coins from slipping through the cracks.

Stress Relieving Privacy

It’s no secret that distracted employees are less task oriented. Studies show that employees in open style offices with insufficient noise canceling systems experience higher levels of stress, more missed days of work, make 40% fewer attempts to solve difficult problems and make half as many ergonomic adjustments to their personal workstations compared to their colleagues in quieter offices. Open office conversations are distracting; just think about your personal experience with them. Our sound masking systems are designed with acoustic comfort in mind, helping to eliminate distractions that make it hard to concentrate. You’ll no longer have to worry about anyone overhearing your personal conversations or being distracted by other conversations. Our systems broadcast a gentle whooshing sound (think high-end HVAC system) that covers the sounds of conversations and any other distractions present. This helps to alleviate employees stress due to lack of concentration. Sound blends seamlessly into the office background; you won’t be able to pinpoint where it’s coming from, and it’s so natural you might not even notice it.

Privacy, Paging and Music

If your office space requires paging and music within the environment, that’s not a problem. Our sound masking system can easily be upgraded to include these features using the speakers already in place. The quality of our speakers and their placement eliminate the startling effect when paging. Paging will be clean and comfortable. Background music is able to be added from many different sources.

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