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How sound masking works is a great place to start.



Where to Install Sound Masking Systems

Sound masking is a science and it is not the same as noise cancellation. Another widespread miscalculation is that sound masking should be implemented where the source of the sound is coming from – this is not accurate in the slightest.

Sound Masking ROI

Implementing modest and budget-friendly acoustics in your office space can dramatically assist with increased employee productivity. Sound distractions are often an understated cost that nearly every business has, and studies by BASEX report that it cost businesses an estimated $587 billion.

Does Privacy Have a Price?

There are many ways to help you achieve your privacy goals. With various pricing options and implementation techniques, we can create a custom-tailored plan for your environment within budget; maximizing your privacy while curtailing costs. In addition, helping you to identify your privacy priorities will give you an optimal balance between value and cost.

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