Is Sound Masking Better Than White Noise?

Sound masking systems are becoming increasingly popular in professional and home environments. They’re the go-to choice for offices, hospitals, and home-based workplaces. So, is sound masking better than white noise?

The process of sound masking is brought by the addition of background sound. This leads to smoothing out noisy distractions, making the listening experience uniform. Thus, the privacy of conversations and increased productivity become a part of any environment with a noise masking system.

Different from White Noise

There is a common misconception that a sound making system basically provides the same function as a white noise machine. The differences are quite glaring if you look at them properly. Let’s dive in a little more closely to find out, is sound masking better than white noise?

When the sound of a noise masking system is mapped onto a chart, its curve is quite at odds with that of a white noise machine or app.

This is because sound masking is specially formulated to equalize human speech frequencies. They hence sound familiar, pleasant, and comfortable enough to the human ear so as to be ignored completely.

If the proper sound masking system is installed correctly, the result should be a background masking noise that is virtually unnoticed. At the same time, it would make speech confusing and even difficult to understand. This would effectively do away with any kind of eavesdropping or overhearing within a private space.

Less Irritation

White noise is a potentially irritating sound, such as the hum of a fan or radio static. When these sounds are amplified, they could become torturous to listen to. Some people may not even be able to bear them in their softer-toned versions. However, others do find white noise machines comforting, especially when they live in noisy areas and have trouble sleeping.

With a sound masking system, however, the experience is more like a gentle breeze. It makes things better, but no one is too aware of just what’s being done.

Better Value

White noise machines can be expensive to install. They may also be disturbing to the individuals within the selected space.  The same goes for other noise-canceling features, such as cubicle partitions, soundproofing, absorbent carpets and ceiling tiles, etc.

Sound and noise masking systems are relatively less costly than other options. Once set up, they can run for several years and rarely need updating, repairs, or any additional expenses.

As a result of installing a sound masking system, people may even think of a space as larger and more private. This could up their productivity and satisfaction to unprecedented levels. Is sound masking better than white noise? Yes.


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