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Patient Privacy & Satisfaction

There is a link between a patient’s perception of privacy and their satisfaction with the quality of care, according to Press-Ganey patient satisfaction surveys.

  • When satisfied, these patients feel less stressed.
  • These same patients present less stress to medical staff; the outcome is fewer errors and more profit.
  • Patients also share their feelings with others and are more inclined to refer your practice or hospital to their family and friends.
We meet HIPAA Privacy Standards With Our Medical Sound Masking Solutions

We know that HIPAA requires medical professionals to safeguard medical records by all reasonable means and that new legislation fines for breaches. Few practices knowingly transmit patients’ medical files, but many unintentionally do just that as a result of sound leaks via the facility itself.

Possible Sound Leaks:

  • in a common waiting room
  • through the walls
  • via a telephone conversation
  • amongst medical staff
What Are the HIPPA Regulations?

All pharmacies and healthcare providers are required to have suitable procedural and physical protection in place to safeguard verbal privacy during communications of health information in verbal transmissions as well as paper and electronic formats.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) dictates that all health care providers take sensible actions to protect confidential and personal data; including conversations with doctors in their offices, hospital registration areas, nursing stations, insurance service call centers and HR departments.

Our HIPPA Compliant Solution

Your healthcare facility needs to protect patient health information. Sound masking is the soundest solution to meet your HIPAA privacy needs — and the most economical method. Furthermore, speech privacy is considered essential by patients.

Achieve HIPAA Compliant Solutions to Meet HIPAA Guidelines

HIPAA compliance may not involve broad renovations or a sizable expense. Actually, you may be able to meet privacy criteria by implementing something as straightforward as a sound masking system. No matter what you need to meet HIPAA regulations, we can assist you in installing a long-term and feasible resolution.

We’re the Best in Medical Sound Masking

Office Privacy Systems has effectively installed HIPPA compliant sound masking systems in a variety of medical environments. Not only do superior sound medical masking systems assist you to meet HIPAA regulations, but they also improve patient satisfaction and staff performance.

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