Office Speech Privacy Issues: A Growing Trend and How to Stop It

The modern workplace has an office speech privacy problem. So, what is speech privacy? Simply put, an unintended listener cannot understand outside conversations. Workers who are not limited by office speech privacy are overhearing lots of conversations. They, themselves, should be concerned if their communications are being heard by others as well. Chances are, you’ve experienced this issue as nearly 60% of open office employees are unhappy with their lack of office speech privacy and, according to a recent survey, it’s the number one driver of workplace dissatisfaction.

Who’s to Blame for the Office Speech Privacy Epidemic?

Architectural trends are exacerbating the problem. The pattern for most workplaces today is to feature more open spaces and smaller workstations. Fewer sound blocking materials are being used; such as carbon ceiling tiles and partitions; with increased use of glass, metal, and wood design elements which amplify aesthetics, but also expand office noise. But lack of office speech privacy isn’t just terrible for employee satisfaction it affects a company’s bottom line.

Office speech privacy is a serious issue in today's office spaces.

Are There Solutions for Better Office Speech Privacy?

Constant noise distractions make it difficult for employees who are trying to concentrate. Negatively affecting productivity and overhearing confidential conversations can result in potential litigation or regulatory violations. Office Privacy Systems has solved the office speech privacy problem with our world-leading sound masking technology.

Sound masking is the practice of combining an unobtrusive background sound to an environment that raises the spaces noise level. The barely noticeable airflow-like sound is specially tuned to make human speech less intelligible and therefore less distracting. Our sound masking systems are easy to install to new and existing workspaces and have benefits for nearly every industry. We’re trusted across the nation to make workplaces more comfortable, private and productive. Curious about us? Learn more about our sound masking technologies today.


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