Privacy Guard White Noise System


Whether you want to create a more relaxing environment at home or just need help sleeping, the Privacy Guard for Home is perfect for you! Combining exclusive high-resolution natural sound recordings and high-quality construction with a patented method of mixing and adapting those sounds to neutralize disruptive noise, the Privacy Guard helps you create a quiet oasis in a noisy, hectic world.



The Privacy Guard is not just another white noise machine – it is simply better made. The Privacy Guard offers 10 rich, high-quality nature sounds of up to 30 minutes each that feature an adaptive mode to adjust to your sound environment.

And no one likes crackling speakers or tinny radio-like sounds. That’s why we’ve invested in an acoustically engineered case with high-quality speakers – including a 3-inch bass woofer. For an even more robust experience, Privacy Guard includes a 3.5 mm stereo output jack, giving you the flexibility to use headphones, powered speakers, or even an amplified stereo system. For more coverage check out the Sonet White Noise Machine.

What are my sound options?

As for the actual nature sound recordings, each one includes a wide range of complimentary sounds that are mixed into the foundational soundtrack in order to add richness and depth. The result is a natural environment even more conducive to relaxation and sleep, or a more soothing sound environment in general at home.

  • Soothing Waterfall
  • Calming Waves
  • Babbling Brook
  • Gentle Rain
  • Nature’s Meadow
  • Crackling Fireplace
  • Big City Background
  • Restful Train Ride
  • Pure Meditation
  • White Noise

How does it adapt to my environment?

Besides the high-resolution sound recordings and the durable, high-quality construction, the Privacy Guard can automatically react to changes in your acoustic environment. When you enable Adaptive Mode, as intruding noises threaten to disrupt your peace, the Privacy Guard gradually adds enriching sounds and adjusts the volume automatically to neutralize disruptive noises. When the disruption subsides, the Privacy Guard gradually returns to the restful and relaxing spectrum of sounds previously selected.

Product Dimensions: 7.5in x 5.5in x 4.5in


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