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Sound Masking for Individual Offices, Cubicles or Home Offices

Shifting From Distracted to Focused

When employees are trying to stay focused and on task, they will try numerous ways to tune out potential distractions, such as listening to music or audiobooks through headphones- but these are not great solutions. If you receive phone calls, these are not practical. While typing, music can be a distraction. We have all accidentally typed the lyrics we’re listening to instead of the report. We offer two tiers of sound masking solutions, see below.

Personal White Noise Systems

Sonet Personal White Noise System

If you need comfortable, reliable business-grade privacy, try the Sonet Personal White Noise System. More than a simple sleep aid, the Sonet takes the same highly-quality, targeted spectrum sound used in our enterprise systems, but in a form that works for an individual office or cubicle. This is the best solution for those in a single cubicle who don’t have the budgetary authority to provide better privacy for an entire department, floor or building. The Sonet targets the specific area of speech that is most effective in rendering speech unintelligible, while also helping to cover hundreds of other miscellaneous noises so common in an open environment floor plan. Plus, this individual masking unit does not require any specialized knowledge or training to install.

Privacy Guard

A second option is the Privacy Guard. The Privacy Guard has three integrated high-fidelity speakers and customizable sound that adapts to the conditions around you. This is perfect for individuals working in a home office or a single occupancy enclosed office. You have 10 options of high-quality sound recordings of nature. Each recording is at least 30 minutes in length. With complimentary nature sounds mixed in, each soundtrack is rich and full of depth. Thus, creating a natural environment, giving you the ability to concentrate deeper, sleep better, and create a soothing environment in your home.

Open-Office or Multiple Office Sound Solutions

Commercial Sound Masking System

Our commercial sound masking systems offer unparalleled uniformity and a ‘best in class’ sound system for your dynamic workspace.

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