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Distractions Cause Problems

When employees are distracted and struggling to stay focused it leads to more errors and higher turnover rates.

  • Employee Error: Noise and distractions can have employee errors go up as much as 38%, as noted by The Data Entry Management Association.
  • Turnover: Employees facing mental fatigue, stress, and unwanted distractions may lead to a high turnover rate. Sound masking systems have proven to decrease employee turnover.
  • Productivity: It is proven that productivity is affected by noise and distractions. Properly installed sound masking for financial institutions can raise productivity by 35%.
Considering All Possible Sound Leaks

Confidentiality is also a high priority for banks and financial institutions. Think about where your bank discusses your confidential information.  Know the facts:

  • Phone lines can be bugged
  • HVAC ducts can carry sound far from the intended audience
  • You need to maintain GLBA compliance

When a conversation is leaked, even accidentally, there is no confidentiality. Even when basic privacy measures are taken, there is still a chance that confidentiality can be broken. Sound masking systems are designed to protect speech privacy. When sound masking for financial institutions are implemented, customers and bankers are happier knowing their conversations are safe and private.

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