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Employees in an office setting have said their biggest complaint is ‘overheard conversation’ when they are trying to concentrate on tasks. Without a sound masking for businesses, intelligible human speech can be heard throughout the office causing unnecessary distractions. Many individuals can’t block out the noise and will be less productive at work.

There is more than one option when choosing which sound masking system will work for your business. It’s not a one size fits all system.

Open Office Sound Masking for Businesses

These offices can either too quiet or too loud, both of which are distracting. While loud conversations interrupt individuals while working, so can background noises when a room is too quiet.

How do we make your office less distracting? Installing an effective sound masking system. It is the most cost-effective step to improve speech privacy in your office. When thinking about speech privacy, it is best to have everything looked at by the professionals to ensure all of your unique office needs are met. Adding sound dampening panels and higher cubicle walls can further open office sound masking. Contact us today so we can personalize your sound masking needs.

Private Office Sound Masking

You may have privacy visually when in a private office, but likely poor acoustic privacy. Most office walls are constructed of lightweight materials and stop at the office ceiling tiles, leaving you and others able to overhear conversations and other distractions.

With proper installation of your new sound masking system, we can ensure you’ll be able to keep private conversations private. Conversations will be completely unintelligible to occupants in the adjacent offices, hallways, break rooms, or any other nearby rooms when your door is closed.

Sound Masking for Businesses in Public Spaces

Most workplaces have public spaces such as reception areas. If your office is where you meet clientele, chances are you have public spaces such as reception areas, waiting rooms, and areas where private conversations shouldn’t be heard. Proper installation of our commercial sound masking systems will give you peace of mind knowing you and your client’s information is safe from privacy leaks.

Sound masking can save you money mean because there will be fewer distractions, increased productivity and a lowered turnover rate.


Help protect your offices’ private conversations with an office sound masking system. Without it, delicate conversations can be heard and potentially cost you. We offer a complete sound masking solution.

Employee Error Rate

Because of office noise and distractions “Data entry errors can go up by as much as 38%” says, the Data Entry Management Association. A suitably installed office sound masking system can reduce that rate significantly.

Employee Productivity

Recent studies have concluded productivity can drop by as much as 40% because of noise and distractions. We can properly install a custom sound masking system to boost your productivity by 35%. Employee error rate will be reduced, and employees will be more task-focused.

Turn Over Rate

When employees experience stress, mental fatigue, and unwanted distractions it can lead to an increased turnover rate. This will lead to increased investments in training which is also time-consuming. A properly installed sound masking system can help to lower your turnover rate because your employees will be working in a better acoustic environment.

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