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Privacy & Fewer Distractions

Educators are often concerned with student distraction in the classroom and in testing centers. Professors and instructors must compete with phones and laptops for student’s attention. Many schools and professors have banned the use of cell phones in class and minimized screen time in an effort to gain back students attention. Even those who are determined to be focused are easily distracted, teachers and students alike. Another issue you might want to consider is confidentiality. When students want to meet with instructors (or vice versa) privacy is expected. Grades and personal matters should be able to be discussed without wondering if neighbors and colleagues are listening. Hence, sound masking for educational facilities. Read on.

Practically Speaking

There are many benefits to sound masking for educational facilities and institutions. With improved focus, more engagement and less stress… what are you waiting for? All of these things are accomplished with proper placement of the sound masking system. When deciding where to put your sound masking system, think the common areas, the classroom to decrease distractions, and the private offices for privacy. Private conversations will be kept private and completely unintelligible to others in hallways, adjacent offices or classrooms, and common areas.

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