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We’ve all heard about the Facebook privacy breach by now. Tom Fishburne, marketoonist and author out of San Francisco, sums the issue up wonderfully in his latest cartoon titled, 5 stages of data privacy grief.

There are many other examples of our information being leaked to companies for profit, or how no internet system is secure and that once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever. Data privacy is one of the fastest growing concerns in today’s modern society.

Business is all about marketing the right products to the right audience, at the right time. Ever notice how you Google a product on your phone, then it’s all over Facebook ads or Amazon suggestions? Marketing teams have the delicate job of navigating how to do that without crossing any privacy boundaries. Studies have shown that consumers want privacy above relevant ads, online; thus, making the job of targeted marketing difficult.

Speech Privacy Solutions Are Necessary Offline

Everything is connected, and private organizations are working diligently to ensure your personal information stays, well, personal. But, what is being done when out in public, at the bank, in your Dr.’s office, or even at work, to protect your private conversations and personal information?

Sound masking is one of the best speech privacy solutions. Sound masking is the introduction of unformulated sound waves, through a targeted area, in order to render formulated human speech unintelligible. This will inherently improve speech privacy and provide confidentiality where necessary – we ensure that it is an unobtrusive sound like a fan you might have in your office.

We often overlook the need for speech privacy solutions in everyday life situations like banking and Dr.’s offices, but just as much personal information is shared there, as online, if not more. You’re talking about your personal care and ailments or finances and banking transactions.  Eavesdropping isn’t always someone’s intention but in silent, close quarters, the conversation will be overheard, and that information can also be used in a negative manner.

Additional Speech Privacy Solutions

Besides sound masking, there are other speech privacy solutions that can be put in place to obtain speech privacy. Sound absorbing partitions and acoustic ceiling paneling help to block speech. Although the open floor plan is very aesthetically pleasing and provides a great opportunity for workers to engage one another, a few cubicle areas will help absorb sound when a quiet place is needed. Depending on your business and floorplan layout, a customized combination of these speech privacy solutions may be needed.

Clients are what make any business successful. Without them, we wouldn’t need employees, or the business itself. Taking every possible step to ensure their private information remains confidential is crucial. Providing peace of mind to clients is what has them returning and continuing to do business. Sound masking is a wise investment, and clients will appreciate the extra measures taken for confidentiality.

Making sure your business is both secure and confidential for clients and workers is a quick quote away. Let Office Privacy Systems take the worry out of work with our advanced speech privacy solutions.


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